Bollywood Celebrities in 10 Year Challenge

The in and out of Bollywood Celebrities in 10 Year Challenge.

Bollywood Celebrities in 10 Year Challenge
Sonam Kapoor and Dia Mirza, image credit The Indian Express

Bollywood Celebrities in 10 Year Challenge

Fans love to know about celebrity news online. This contains gossips related to trending celebrities. The latest social media trend of the 10-year challenge is grabbing the attention of all celebrities. It is getting a tremendous response from celebrities from Bollywood as well as Hollywood. This is the latest trend our stars are going with.

We can say it’s like an influence which is getting so many trolls and fame at the same time. It is a challenge which indicates the aging effect on your glowing skin. Celebrities post their 2 pictures side by side one from the current time and 2nd from 10 years down the line. It shows how they glowed up from the past and how hard age effect on you.

It is extremely funny when actors get trolled for their miss postings like Malaika Arora. She posted her 20 years apart photos and get trolled for this. This social media trend is just awesome and spreading a lot of fun online. It is one of the latest celebrity news online. Many box office superstars are participating in this challenge. Let us discuss some of these superstar’s participation way.

Sonam Kapoor:

This Bollywood beauty and daughter of Anil Kapoor is in those stars who had taken this challenge. She is well known for her finest dressing sense and style then how could she stay behind in this stream? She had posted her beautiful pictures and get lots of compliments for those. She captioned these pictures from her movie Delhi 6 and the old times 23 to 33. She is just looking a timeless beauty in both the pictures she shared on Facebook and Instagram.

Bipasha Basu:

This bold beauty is still so hot and gorgeous as she was a decade ago. She is another celebrity who took this 10-year challenge and posted her pics. The most posted by the actress on Instagram got huge likes for this posting. She says life has been going awesome as it was in those 10 years in past. She also shared about her upcoming movie Adat.

Mandira Bedi:

This all-rounder celebrity tried her hand in many professions from acting to host. She said at least the posture goes better in these past 10 years and used this wording as a caption for her pics. She looks even more fit in the present than she was in the past.

Dia Mirza:

The cute pictures of this Bollywood beauty prove that she becomes more beautiful with time. The pictures show that her maturity becomes her next beauty now.

The challenge is getting a huge response from stars all over the world. It is going on Facebook and Instagram. Bollywood actors are also adopting this fun challenge and sharing their pics with fans likes and getting likes or trolls on their posts on social media.

Let us see who comes next from Bollywood with this fun challenge. Maybe there are more fun and inspiration from the lives of our favorite celebrities. So just wait and watch who is the next and keep visiting